Real time booking engine for room rentals

The real time booking system for administrating room (space), can be used in businesses that holding a room is necessary as:

  • Multi room businesses that offer different rooms for various use.
  • Hotels with conference rooms which can use the booking engine either internally (reservation plan) or to offer to customers (corporates or companies) the facility to make a real time booking, or both.
  • Tennis courtss with one or more courts can use the booking engine internally (as a reservation plan) or provide their clients (companies or corporates) the facility to make an online booking or both.

The booking engine is quiet adjustable. You can place the available days and times , the prices (optional) , and all necessary information for a client to make abooking. The elements, color, appearance you wish is easily configured as everything can be set up by you.

Note: The software can also be used to serve the cases where multiple availability checks are needed. For example in the case of a tennis court where a trainer is also required with the tennis court , then the availabilities to be checked before the booking is accepted are: a.for the tennis court and b. fot the trainer .

To see a demo of the booking engine (Front end) click here.


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